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Winners and Pick-ups


I know rules are boring, but they are essential. You must read the rules completely before nominating!
1. Please nominate a Lord of the Rings, graphic, or Christian related site. I do not allow Harry Potter or Twilight fansites to nominate themselves, even if they are graphic-related. I know, I am picky! *evil laugh*
2. Be sure that you own the site you are nominating.
3. You may nominate yourself for as many categories as you want.
4. If you nominate yourself for 'Best New Site', be sure that your site is younger than six months old.
5. If you nominate yourself in the Best Old Si9te, your site must be older than six months.
6. If you nominate your site for Best Layout, you must be the creator of the layout.
7. If you nominate for Best Graphics, you must be the creator of the graphics.
8. You must put a Link to Me banner on your site.
9. In the Categories section of the form, you must specify which categories you wish to be nominated for. You MAY nominate for MORE THAN ONE category!
10. In the None shall pass! field, type in the password: Elfstone