Layouts: Past and Present

Layout -2

This layout was an installed theme created by Weebly. It was dark blue with a font color of light blue. It only remains in the memory of those who visited this site at the very beginning.

Layout -1

This layout was the first layout that I created. I used the previous theme and edited it to make the background black. This and the previous layout were for "The Wood Between the Worlds", what this site used to be called. I also created my own navigation for this theme, and a few buttons for the guestbook, chatroom, and affiliates pages.

Layout 0

This layout is thus called because it was active for about one day; the day that my site changed from being "Wood Between the Worlds" to Aragorn Telcontar. It was basically the same as Layout -1, besides a different banner displaying it as Aragorn Telcontar.

Layout 1

This layout was the first official Aragorn Telcontar layout. It has a brown-blue color theme and the navigation and buttons were kept. The header image features Aragorn from the scene in the Prancing Pony in FOTR. The font on the header image and navigation was Porcelain. They were originally from Layout -1.

Layout 2

This was the fall 2009 Aragorn Telcontar theme. The color theme was gold and dark brown. The header image features Aragorn from his dream of Arwen in TTT. The font for this theme was Jefferson. This is the first theme with an image map. (the navigation is embedded in the image.)

Layout 3

This is the winter 2009/2010 Aragorn Telcontar layout. The color scheme is blue. The header image feature Aragorn from just after the fall of Gandalf in FOTR. The font for this theme was Aon Cari Celtic. The header has an image map [and forever will as far as I foresee. I did a little bit of tweaking for this theme: lessened the gap between the header image and the rest of the page and of course, changed the background. This is actually the third background that I had prepared for the winter layout. [The first layout I prepared in August.] I wasn't really satisfied with how the first two layouts worked, so I settled with this theme. Some visitors may think it is a bit like Arwen Undomiel's layout, but I did not strive for this at all. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!