Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you create this site?
    I created this site because I wanted somewhere to put my graphics. I also enjoy designing websites, along with other random stuff. The idea for this site began at a completely different site I made with Freewebs, but the photo album on it didn’t work right and I couldn’t get the right template, so I switched website builders. Weebly!! Anyway, I started the website with Weebly as a strictly Lord of the Rings graphic site, but I decided to expand to any graphics.

Does it cost money to run your site?
    No. I decided when I started making websites that I would only do it if I could do it for free. I have also found that Weebly works VERY well and is pretty customizable if you know how to do it. I may make some tutorials on Weebly soon.

What software do you use for your site?
    I use Weebly, a free website builder, and for graphics I use GIMP, a free image manipulator.

When did you create this site?
    I created this site in April 2009.

How do I contact you?
    For now, you may use the guestbook, which you can find a link to on the homepage, or e-mail me at  [email protected]  for any reason whatsoever.

What do I do if something isn’t working right, or am image isn’t showing up?
    E-mail me! If something isn’t working, I’d appreciate it if you would let me know so I can fix the problem.

Do you need any help with your site?
    You can always submit fan graphics or fan fiction to this site. If you think of anything you would like to help me with, e-mail me or use the guestbook.

Why is the site called “Aragorn Telcontar”?
    I called this site "Aragorn Telcontar" because Aragorn is a good character in "The Lord of the Rings", and not the type of guy that fangirls like. Anyway, he is my favorite character in  both the books and the movies.

On the homepage, you mentioned affiliates. What is an affiliate?
    An affiliate is a site that links to another site. Usually the sites have something in common. Affiliation generally means more visitors for both sites.