CSS: The Basics

What is CSS anyway and why is it important? CSS helps web designers edit or customize their site's colors, fonts, borders, and some other stuff. I use CSS for that very reason. Weebly has a built in CSS editor so it is easy to customize just about everything on this site.
Here are a few basic things you need to know to use CSS:

1. In the CSS, colors are not called 'red' or 'dark blue', but are practically codes. These codes are commonly reffered to as 'hex codes'. These codes contain six digits which could consist of any number or the letters A to F. Black is #000000. White is #FFFFFF. The grey I use for the color of the text on this site is #666666. I use Hex Hub, a great site for generating colors for my site.
For the background of a website the CSS might generate something that looks like this: 

body {
2. There is a useful type of measurement called 'pixels'. You may have heard of pixels before, but in CSS they are the standard form of dimension. The thin border around the black center of this site is 1 pixel wide. The black part of this page is 750 pixels wide. With pixels you can change any dimension, any width, any height. There is not much more to say on pixels. They are one of the simplest and easy to understand tools that make the CSS possible.

So, that is about all I know about CSS. I hope this was helpful for you!